It’s strange how some undeniably realist painters of landscapes and still-lifes brilliantly avoid a certain figurative paralysis as well as different schools of thought, and manage to assert their personalities and infuse their motifs, which they nevertheless respect, with their style that transcends and ennobles them.

This is happily the case for Gérard Beaujard!

Of course, he is a drawing teacher and one can argue that he possesses the necessary technique, the essential foundation for his work, except that I have known excellent teachers who were only mediocre painters, and naturally others whose talent has left their mark in our memories.

Gérard Beaujard is something else entirely: he takes hold of a straightforward subject, and his intelligence transforms it into an original work of art, conferring it almost baffling proportions. The unity of the concept and colours serve to distinguish it from the unwavering atmosphere of peaceful serenity which perfectly matches the daring and majestic perspectives and the exemplary fluency in his portrayals of sky and water.

His amazing talent gives rise to a very contemporary Romanticism.

André RUELLAN, art critic